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End It!

2014-09-27 19:13:55 by KitschCode

Just posted my first "finished" track. By no means is it industry standard, it's rough at best, but it is the first song I've ever truly finished and have been satisfied with, so it's a stepping stone for me. Have a listen and enjoy. 



Pokémon Center Remix!

2014-06-29 12:56:11 by KitschCode

Just posted a remix I did of the Pokémon Center theme a while back. Oooooh baby, dat nostalgia ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)

Anyways. Enjoy.



Hello Newground...sians... 

I am Kitsch Code. I make music and enjoy doing it. Genre wise I generally go electronic (lately I've been enjoying doing chiptunes) but I experiment with basically anything. I'm a huge audiophile and insane EDM fanboy. If you like what I do let me know so I'm more inclined to do more (even though I will anyway)! I'd be more than happy to do commissions as well (flash game music, etc etc).